Master Key Systems

Mastey Key Systems

Secure, access controlled, systems for your building or entire campus.

A complete Master Key System can effectively manage the security and access to a busy building.

Moreover, it allows you to control the movement and accessibility of people within the building. AAJ Locksmiths can provide secure key systems that monitor and manage the keys within a group of users, preventing them from duplication without your knowledge or permission. We can also offer different levels of access to certain areas, for example deliveries and cleaning staff.

Master Key Systems are very useful for homes, tenanted buildings, schools, colleges, universities or indeed any business with multiple access points and people to use them! We can even provide systems that work across more than one location.


Have a look a the simple diagrams below which help us explain how the system works and which one is best for you:


System One

Master Key One

In a simple environment, each key opens its own individual lock cylinder.

This setup offers basic security.






System Two

Master Key Two


This 'keyed alike' system allows one 'master' key to open more than one lock, perhaps where you would like to keep the security simple and manage which rooms are open in a building at any one time.

If you have a building openly accessible to the public but would like to close off some areas at times, this system would suffice.



System Three

Master Key Three

This 'Master Keyed' system allows individual locks to be managed as well as having one overall master key which can open any door.

A perfect example of this would be a tenanted building where each tenant only has access to their individual area but the landlord has access to all with one key if necessary.


System Four

Master Key Four


The 'Grand Master Key' system is perfect for situations involving multiple master key groups.


For example, an office block with many companies on different floors. This system would allow the company workers access to their specific rooms, the company managers access to all their rooms and the landlord overall access to all areas with a grand master key.







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